Thursday, 15 July 2010

Flyby Fancies

The official start of the Bastille Day (14th July) parade begins once the President of the Republic has arrived at the Arc de Triomphe and said good morning to the General and such like. The only thing I managed to get of the parade this time was the planes as once again I'd woken up too late to see anything at all this year! Better luck next time, eh?

So the planes zoom overhead, completely out of the blue (well, grey) with no warning, because the noise they were making took a while to catch up with them, so you had to be ready.

What you see here is a refuelling plane with three thirsty planes fighters all vying for a suck at the bottle.

They had been preceded by the very impressive nine planes trailing patriotic smoke trails behind them and this was slowly dissipating and made a great backdrop to the following aircraft.

I also wanted to include a bit of Paris in the shot and some human interest if possible, and just about managed this with the silhouetted Parisian apartment building with the impressed onlookers, which also emphasised the closeness to the ground of the planes.

Whether you prefer the cropping and lightening of the final version or the moodier original is totally personal, so get the best shots you can, take lots, and make a few creative decisions afterwards to make your work the best you can.

Click to visit the Bastille Day Walk on Paris Photo Walks!

Sab's Quick Photo Hints & Tips

   1) Be ready to adjust your exposure by +2 or even +3 when shooting into the sky
   2) Try to include human interest or local colour if possible (the people, the building)
   3) Crop to throw the focus on the subject - 50% grey sky is NOT usually exciting
   4) Feel free to exaggerate the sky a bit afterwards - people have been cheating for decades!
   5) Planes are supposed to be high - placing them at the top of the frame can emphasise this

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